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Final Fantasy VII Remake Announced, and more from E3 2015

E3 2015

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Find all the latest Final Fantasy news at E3 2015 right here from news to pictures and videos!


E3'15 - Final Fantasy VII Remake Announced

Posted on the 20th June 2015

Part of my E3 2015 Recap.

One of Square Enix's biggest announcements (along with the new RPG, Project Setsuna), was the reveal that Final Fantasy VII will indeed be getting a remake with PlayStation 4 players getting it first.

Currently still in early developments so I would not expect to see this game anytime soon (2016/17 but most likely 2017) but Square Enix have confirmed they will reveal more information this winter.

For a larger video, please click here.

E3'15 - Kingdom Hearts III Gameplay Trailer

Posted on the 20th June 2015

Part of my E3 2015 Recap.

I know you may be thinking why am I covering Kingdom Hearts, firstly because it has Final Fantasy characters included but also because I loved the first two main games!

As the title says, this is the first proper gameplay trailer since they moved production from the Luminous Engine to the Unreal 4 Engine and boy does it look good.

For a larger video, please click here.

E3'15 - World of Final Fantasy Announced

Posted on the 20th June 2015

Part of my E3 2015 Recap.

First up we have World of Final Fantasy for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita (yes, the Vita!) that is based on the story of two siblings on a grand quest about memories. You fight against and alongside familiar and new creatures (basically Dragon Quest Monsters but with Final Fantasy and a cute style).

For now, enjoy the announcement trailer;-

For a larger video, please click here.


E3 2015, Final Fantasy XI, and the future

Posted on the 17th May 2015

So E3 2015 is quickly approaching with Square Enix holding a press conference this year which they haven't done since 2009. This could mean they have some pretty big announcements planned though you can expect Final Fantasy XV, Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, and Rise of Tomb Raider to be there. Unfortunately for me I will be on holiday that week and unable to post any news fresh as it comes in so will do a recap the week later with hopefully videos and screenshots for your viewing pleasure.

For those wanting to watch the stream live without thousands of comments popping up then head over to the E3 Telly section for all the latest broadcasts. (link to be added soon)

As some of you know, Final Fantasy XI is in its final year of updates with the PlayStation 2 and Xbox 360 versions to close afterwards so unfortunately I will no longer be thinking about making content for it and instead focus on all the other games. The current content will stay live but will no longer be updated.

On the note about the future of Final Fantasy Skies those of you who follow me on Twitter will know I am recoding the site due to changes with Google. This may affect certain design elements but hopefully not too drastic. What does it mean you may be asking, well simpley put it will become much easier to view FFSkies on mobile devices (be it Android, iOS, or Windows). However I do have some Final Fantasy X content nearly ready so will finish that before the recode starts.

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