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Celestial Weapons


Each character has his or her own Celestial Weapon (aka Legendary Weapons). To start off with, the sole advantage offered by these weapons is that they can penetrate any armour but you must upgrade them to gain the weapons full potential. Some of which are easy tasks whereas others are just long and sometimes frustrating (Lightning Dodge being one of these).

Although you would be forgiven to think these only benefit your party but they also boost Aeons. For example if you get Yuna's Nirvana, Break Damage Limit effect will happen on Valefor. Apart from Tidus and Rikku, each characters weapon boosts a different Aeon which I will tell you about.


Obtain the Celestial Mirror, each characters base weapon and their respective crest and sigil.

Walkthrough Contents


You must first win the Cloudy Mirror in the Chocobo race beneath the Remiem Temple (you do not need any chests when doing this, just beat the other Chocobo).

In Macalania Woods, you can then convert the Cloudy Mirror into the Celestial Mirror. To do this, go to the South section of the woods where you will find a mother and her child. She is waiting for her husband who is loitering around the Campsite. Talk to him and he will rush to his wife's side. Follow him and keep talking to the couple until their child has wandered off. You'll find him on the crystal path above Macalania Woods - Central. Talk to the boy and examine the large crystal: The Mirror will now undergo a metamorphosis.

Celestial Crystal

Remember this location as each Celestial Weapon will upgrade with the associated crest and sigil here (even if you have both crest and sigil for a character you will need to examine it twice, a cutscene for each upgrade as it where).


Location: Calm Lands - North

Abilities: AbilityBreak Damage Limit AbilityTriple Overdrive AbilityEvade & Counter AbilityMagic Counter

Aeon Effect: None

Behind the Mandala at the base of a narrow, hidden trail in the northwest area of the Calm Lands. After obtaining the airship and free transport throughout the world, win all four chocobo races and the path will no longer be guarded. Note that winning these races before getting the airship will simply move the guard further down the trail. You'll need to win them again to remove him.


Location: Zanarkand Dome - The Beyond

In the Yevon Dome where you fight Yunalesca, a treasure chest will appear towards the left, somewhat blended with the wall.


Location: Calm Lands

Complete the Catcher Chocobo race in the Calm Lands in a total time of under zero seconds.


Location: Calm Lands - Arena

Abilities: AbilityBreak Damage Limit AbilityTriple Overdrive AbilityDouble AP AbilityOne MP Cost

Aeon Effect: Valefor gains AbilityBreak Damage Limit

Use a AbilityCapture weapon to catch on of each of the fiends roaming the Calm Lands. The chest containing Nirvana will appear after you talk to the arena owner.


Location: Besaid Island - Beach

Eastern side of the Besaid Island beach, in a treasure chest.


Location: Remiem Temple

You must have all eight aeons, and you must also defeat all of Belgemine's aeons and send Belgemine to the Farplane.


Location: Calm Lands - Groge Bottom

Abilities: AbilityBreak Damage Limit AbilityTriple Overdrive AbilityFirst Strike AbilityCounter-Attack

Aeon Effect: Yojimbo gains AbilityBreak Damage Limit

Obtain the Rusty Sword from the opposite end of the crevasse of the Cave of the Stolen Fayth, from the bottom of the Calm Lands valley. Take the sword north along the mushroom path until you reach a floating mushroom stone. Take it up to the adjacent plateau, then make your way to a statue of a slain behemoth mounted by a warrior. Stick the sword into the ground next to it to make a mandala appear. Remove it from the mandala.


Location: Mi'ihen Highroad - Oldroad, South

At the very bottom of the Mi'ihen Highroad - Oldroad (the one you get pushed in if you fail to save the chocobos from the Chocobo Eater) inside a chest.


Location: Calm Lands - Arena

Capture enough monsters to generate a total of ten creatures during the Area Conquest and/or Species Conquest in the Monster Arena. Visit the Monster Arena guide for more information.


Location: Luca - Cafe

Abilities: AbilityBreak Damage Limit AbilityTriple Overdrive AbilityDouble AP AbilityEvade & Counter

Aeon Effect: Ifrit gains AbilityBreak Damage Limit

After acquiring the airship, return to Luca and talk to the bartender after winning 5 Blitzball games.


Location: Luca Stadium - Locker Room

Fly to Luca and open one of the lockers in the Locker Room.


Location: Blitzball League

This is a bit of a grind. If Wakka has learnt the Attack Reels, Status Reels and Aurochs Reels Overdrive techniques, the Sigil will be offered as first prize in the blitzball League. This means that you must meet the following conditions step by step:

  1. The Attack Reels are sometimes offered as prizes for a Tournament victory - so win the Tournament.
  2. Once you have the Attack Reels, you'll have to fight 250 regular fiend battles. The Status Reels will the be offered as a reward for winning in the next League session. This means that you must first complete a Leagure and then finish the subsequent League in first place.
  3. Once you have the Status Reels, you'll have to fight another 450 regular fiend battles, after which the Aurochs Reels will be offered as a reward for gaining first place in a Tournament.
  4. Once you have the Aurochs Reels, there is a 50% chance that the Jupiter Sigil will be offered as a reward for winning the next League season. That means that you must play in the current League until the last play date. Then you should save your game, proceed beyond the final play date and take a look if next season's victors will be offered the Sigil. If not, reload and try again.


Location: Thunder Plains - South

Abilities: AbilityBreak Damage Limit AbilityTriple Overdrive AbilityDouble AP AbilityEvade & Counter

Aeon Effect: Ixion gains AbilityBreak Damage Limit

Pray at any of the Cacutar stones throughout the Thunder Plains (press Square). Return south and follow the Cactuar ghost to the destroyed tower. Towards the right of the tower lies a chest. Pray to open.


Location: Gagazet - Prominence

Between the pillars at Mt. Gagazet, just beyond your battle with Seymour.


Location: Macalania Woods

Acquire all blue butterflies from the Macalania Forest butterfly catching game. You must have the airship to win as a prize.


Location: Ruins - Underwater Hall (Baaj Temple)

Abilities: AbilityBreak Damage Limit AbilityTriple Overdrive AbilityMagic Booster AbilityOne MP Cost

Aeon Effect: Shiva gains AbilityBreak Damage Limit

After defeating Geosgaeno (that monster from the start of the game), dive into the water where lies a hidden treasure chest, in the opposite corner of the doorway which leads to Anima's shrine. The chest will remain fairly transparent until you're above it. Keep pressing X while swimming around if you are having problems finding it.


Location: Guadosalam - The Farplane

Fly back to Guadosalam and pay another visit to the Farplane, where you will find a treasure chest.


Location: Thunder Plains

Another bit of grind. Press X at the right moment in order to avoid 200 lightning strikes in a row. Then open the chest in front ofthe Travel Agency.


Location: Mushroom Rock - Valley

Abilities: AbilityBreak Damage Limit AbilityTriple Overdrive AbilityDouble AP AbilityGillionaire

Aeon Effect: None

On board the Airship, enter the password GODHAND and head for your new destination, Mushroom Rock, where you will find a treasure chest containing the weapon.


Location: Sanubia Desert - West

In a treasure chest in the fourth section of the Sanubia Desert, northwest in a small alcove.


Location: Sanubia Desert - West

In a treasure chest surrounded by a powerful sandstorm in the Sanubia Desert. Play the Cactuar hide-and-seek game by touching the Cactuar glyph near the sandstorm and acquire 10 spheres among the four areas in the Sanubia Desert.

Indepth Guides

Celestial Weapons

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