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Final Fantasy VII Remake Announced, and more from E3 2015


The world of Vana'diel stands at the brink of war. Three powerful nations, united in their plight against the beastmen forces, look to their last hope - brave adventurers like you!

Will the beastmen gain the upper hand, and thrust the once-peaceful Vana'diel into another war?

Step into the world of Vana'diel and journey forth on grand adventures with players from all across the glove!

Final Fantasy XI is the first online game in the Final Fantasy series. How you play is up to you, with limitless possibilities for adventure. Set out on your own to discover the countless secrets of Vana'diel, or form a part with your friends to purge the beastmen forces and bring home sensational spoils.



E3 2015, Final Fantasy XI, and the future

Posted on the 17th May 2015

So E3 2015 is quickly approaching with Square Enix holding a press conference this year which they haven't done since 2009. This could mean they have some pretty big announcements planned though you can expect Final Fantasy XV, Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, and Rise of Tomb Raider to be there. Unfortunately for me I will be on holiday that week and unable to post any news fresh as it comes in so will do a recap the week later with hopefully videos and screenshots for your viewing pleasure.

For those wanting to watch the stream live without thousands of comments popping up then head over to the E3 Telly section for all the latest broadcasts. (link to be added soon)

As some of you know, Final Fantasy XI is in its final year of updates with the PlayStation 2 and Xbox 360 versions to close afterwards so unfortunately I will no longer be thinking about making content for it and instead focus on all the other games. The current content will stay live but will no longer be updated.

On the note about the future of Final Fantasy Skies those of you who follow me on Twitter will know I am recoding the site due to changes with Google. This may affect certain design elements but hopefully not too drastic. What does it mean you may be asking, well simpley put it will become much easier to view FFSkies on mobile devices (be it Android, iOS, or Windows). However I do have some Final Fantasy X content nearly ready so will finish that before the recode starts.

Final Fantasy XI Vana'diel Project + Service Changes

Posted on the 19th March 2015

Along with the revealment of Grandmasters, Akihiko Matsui revealed some information about the future of Final Fantasy XI.

The bad news is for those playing on the PlayStation 2 (also supported Playstation 3 systems) and Xbox 360 will no longer be able to play after March 2016 with the service going Windows PC only. For those still playing after that date there will no longer see be any more new content added but only balance adjustments and bug fixes. If this means the game will go Free-to-Play is unknown at this time.

The good news is they are working on a "epic conclusion" to the Final Fantasy XI story with a new scenario content known as “Rhapsodies of Vana’diel.” This scenario will bring fresh story content and weave together the tales that has been told across thirteen years of Vana’diel.

It does seem there is more to this Vana'diel Project than just Rhapsodies of Vana’diel and Grandmasters with Matsui just hinting at a "tremendous initiative". Could it mean we will get more spinoff games? Console games along with the mobile game? All shall be revealed during the year.

On a personal note, I did have fond memories of the world in Vana'diel and will miss it.

Final Fantasy Grandmasters Announced

Posted on the 19th March 2015

During the media briefing this morning for Final Fantasy XI, Square Enix has announced Final Fantasy Grandmasters.

It will be a spinoff of sorts of the Final Fantasy XI for iOS and Android devices. Just like the MMORPG, it does require multiplayer to play but is more lighthearted with graphics like the Final Fantasy III DS remake.

For now, here is a little promo video for it;-

Future of Final Fantasy XI Special

Posted on the 18th March 2015

Tomorrow at 7:00am GMT Square Enix will be holding a live presentation to talk about the future of their first MMORPG, Final Fantasy XI.

It will be in Japanese with an English digest to be available on the forums at a later date.

You can watch the stream live available at the YouTube channel.

I will update when more information is available.


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