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In Final Fantasy XII you need to have earnt special Licences to be able to use a type of Magick, Technick, Quickening and even being able to equip weapons, armour, and accessories.

To get these Licences you need the Licence Board (which you have from the point when you play as Vaan), once you have that you will notice when you kill a foe that two sets of numbers appear where you killed it. The first line is your EXP and the second is LP, these LP's are what you need to obtain a Licence.

Let us take the Licence Accessories 1 under the accessories area of the board.

Licence Board Example

As you can see you need to have 5 LP to learn this so what you do is kill foes until the amount of LP reaches 5. Once you have 5 LP go back to the Licence Board screen and select to learn the Licence. From now on you have the right to equip the Orrachea Armlet.

You may have noticed that any Licences around Accessories 1 that was not available before will now become available for you to learn.


You need to learn Licences so that you can improve your equipment or perfom powerful or vital Magicks as it is pretty much impossible to beat the game without doing so (please do prove me wrong).

It doesn't take long to complete the entire board for everyone as LP is shared equally among all party members.

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