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Your goal in this somewhat big side-quest is to defeat 45 Mark monsters.

Marks are the monsters that you are asked to hunt by Petitioners. By Looking at the individual Hunt Bill on the Noticeboard, you can determine the Mark's vital statistics, including its name and rank. There are eight different ranks of Marks I, II, III, IV, V, VI, VII, VIII, with I being the easiest and VIII being the hardest.

Generally Marks are much more powerful then your general foe you will face on the field for the area it is in.

Yiazmat Priority Petition
Level HP Location Petitioner  
73 50,112,254 Ridorana Cataract; Colosseum Mountblanc (Rabanastre; Clan Hall) Rank VIII
Reward Required Clan Rank
30,000 Gil, Godslayer's Badge Knight of the Round
Tactics Availability
It is alot of HP but there is a possitive side, you are allowed to leave the battle and restore your health/save and the Mark won't restore any health. Your team should be at Level 85+ to make the battle a more even fight. Use Expose for about 10 times to reduce its Defence and keep your party members spread out to avoid the entire party being wiped out in one blow. Cast Dispel regularly and use the standard Protectga, Shellga and Hastega ib everyone, a tank with Lure, Bravery and Regen; a damage dealer with Bravery and possibly Berserk; and, of course, a spellcaster to heal everyone and cure all status ailments. Equip Ninja Swords and try to land a few massive combos. A Yagyu Darkblade and GenjiGloves are a particularly potent partnership.

To make things easier, remember the following:
  • Stick close to Yiazmat to prevent it from healing itself.
  • If you leave the battlefield make sure no one has Regen on.
  • Be mindful of the traps around the battlefield.
  • Don't use Holy or Holy-imbued weapons.
  • Equipping Bubble Belts helps free you from having to cast that essential throughout the battle.
  • Save once in awhile as you can't do it in one go without the risk of losing all that you have done.
After Bahamut has been activated
In order to face this ultimate Mark and conclude the Hunt and Clan Centurio side-quests, you must first have completed the Wyrm Philosopher side-quest and defeated seven Rank VII marks.

More Mark Hunting Ranks

Rank I Rank II Rank III Rank IV Rank V Rank VI Rank VII Rank VIII

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