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Cocoon – a utopia in the sky. Its inhabitants believed their world a paradise. Under the Sanctum's rule, Cocoon had long known peace and prosperity.

Nurtured by their benevolent protectors, the fal’Cie, humankind came to believe that these tranquil days would continue forever. But the discovery of a single hostile fal’Cie changed everything. The moment that fal'Cie from Pulse – the feared and detested lowerworld – awoke from its slumber, peace on Cocoon came to an end.

Fal'Cie brand humans, transforming them into magic-wielding servants. They become l'Cie – the fal’Cie’s chosen.

Those branded with the mark of the l'Cie must either do their master’s bidding or face a fate far worse than death.

A prayer for redemption...
A wish to protect the world...
A promise to challenge destiny...

After thirteen days, the intertwining fates of a chosen few will lead them to battle. A battle for the future.


Final Fantasy XIII Saga Coming To PC

Posted on the 19th September 2014

Square Enix has confirmed that the Final Fantasy XIII saga will be coming to Windows PC available through Steam and Square Enix Online Store.

First up is Final Fantasy XIII from the 9th October for £10.99/€12.99 with the rest to follow by Spring 2015.

You are required to have a Steam account even if you buy through the Square Enix store though.


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