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Final Fantasy VII Remake Announced, and more from E3 2015


Explore a beautiful fantasy world that is slowly succumbing iron fist rule of the ruthless Shinra, Inc conglomerate. Operating from Midgar, the neon-drenched city built on a giant elevated plate to separate it from the poverty-stricken slums, the evil corporation uses giant Mako Reactors to gain power by draining the life force from the land, thus giving it a stranglehold over the planet's natural resources.

A number of rebel groups form to destroy this sinister force, the most powerful of which is a group of experienced fighters known as AVALANCHE. Each member of the team shares a common bond in that they have all been personally affected by Shinra's misdeeds and seek vengeance to reclaim their own dignity.

Their newest member is Cloud Strife, a former member of the elite First Class under Shinra SOLDIER who could be the key to victory for the rebels.

So begins a grand adventure that will change the world forever.


E3'15 - Final Fantasy VII Remake Announced

Posted on the 20th June 2015

Part of my E3 2015 Recap.

One of Square Enix's biggest announcements (along with the new RPG, Project Setsuna), was the reveal that Final Fantasy VII will indeed be getting a remake with PlayStation 4 players getting it first.

Currently still in early developments so I would not expect to see this game anytime soon (2016/17 but most likely 2017) but Square Enix have confirmed they will reveal more information this winter.

For a larger video, please click here.

Final Fantasy VII G-Bike Announced

Posted on the 10th June 2014

Not had enough of mobile games? Well you are in luck as there is another one. This time based on the super fun mini-game from Final Fantasy VII, the motorcycle chase game G-Bike aptly named Final Fantasy VII G-Bike.

It will also be free to download but with in-app purchases. Check out this early in development trailer below.


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