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Final Fantasy VII Remake Announced, and more from E3 2015

A bit lost with how to find information on Final Fantasy Skies or just need some help with terminology? We all have these issues so have compiled some quick and easy guides to hopefully help you through and get all the Final Fantasy information you wanted in the first place.

If you have any suggestions for the way the site is laid out then please do get in touch via the official Twitter channel.

Looking for game specific help? Please visit their respective sections: FF7 | FF8 | FF9 | FF10 | FF10-2 | FF11 | FF12 | FF13 | FF13 | FF14 | FF15


How do I navigate Final Fantasy Skies?

All navigation pretty much happens at either the very top or the very bottom of the site with "bars" denoting the level of content starting with main site, coverage, section specific, and then any additional navigation appearing as buttons under the advert and above the footer.

Site navigation example

Sometimes you will come across black text in these areas which means that page has not been uploaded yet as you can see below the HELP link is not available.

Black link example

What types of devices would you recommend I view your site with?

Ideally I would recommend viewing the site on a tablet (7.5"+), laptops, desktop computers or your video games console.

It does still work on smaller devices such as the PSVita and smartphones but is not ideal (working on this!).

What browser would you use?

Please use the latest versions of your web browser (Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox being the best options), as these have CSS3 and HTML5 as standard.

Some of your pages seem to be broken. Is it my fault?

It is likely my fault with typos in the code so please do report this to me via the Twitter channel.

However on the off chance the code is actually fine try refreshing the page and/or deleting the site cookies (please refer to your browsers help for information on doing this) as you may have old code being displayed.

Why the advert?

In all honesty I would love to have no adverts but I need to be able to pay off the hosting for this site. With that in mind I will only ever have that single banner at the top and have filtered to the max all the nongaming I can (unfortunately there is a limit on what I can get filtered) but over time only gaming/technology adverts should appear.

If have an advert blocker could you be so kind and give my site an exception though if you do not wish to that is absolutely fine as this site is there to help you.

I hope that covered any issue you have but for some more indepth help pages please check out any of the following pages that you think suits your issue:

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