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TGS'15 - Final Fantasy Type-0 Online Announced

Posted on the 20th September 2015

With the news that both Final Fantasy Agito for smartphone and the recently announced Final Fantasy Agito+ for PlayStation Vita is no more for a new "reborn" title, Square Enix used Tokyo Game Show to reveal Final Fantasy Type-O Online for PC and smartphone.

Type-0 Online is once again set in the world of Orience. According to Square Enix, it is “set in a parallel world” to the original Final Fantasy Type-0. It will feature action RPG gameplay similar to the original Type-0 as well as online multiplayer.

It is being developed by Perfect World, a Chinese developer known for their work in online games (such as Perfect World [the game]). Final Fantasy Type-0 Online will launch in 2016 in Japan, and availability in North America and Europe is "currently under consideration."

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