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Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age Coming 2017

Posted on the 6th June 2016

After the release of Final Fantasy X|X-2 Remaster we where all wondering when Final Fantasy XII will get the same treatment and today at last Square Enix finally confirms it is coming to PlayStation 4 next year!

Just like Final Fantasy X|X-2, Final Fantasy XII will get a full visual and audio upgrade (though not to be confused with as a Remake like the upcoming Final Fantasy VII) and will feature the content from the International release in Japan, such as the 12 Job progression system (which was pretty fun!).

Here is the full list of what will be added as per the words of Square Enix:

  • Latest-generation high-definition graphical capabilities, including characters and movie scenes fully remastered in high-definition.
  • True 7.1 surround sound, including high-definition voicing and newly recorded background music utilizing the current generation of sound production.
  • Option to switch between the original and the newly remastered soundtrack.
  • New trial mode where players can take on monsters and enemies in up to 100 successive battles
  • Modern gameplay advancements including PlayStation ® 4 system trophy support and share functionalities, auto-save and shortened loading times
  • An endless amount of gameplay and adventure including hunts, battles, and mini-games


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