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TGS'15 - Final Fantasy XIV Patch 3.1 Detailed

Posted on the 20th September 2015

During Tokyo Game Show, Yoshi-P decided to hold his latest Letter from the Producer Live where he revealed new details on the upcoming 3.1 patch titled As Goes Light, So Goes Darkness which you would understand if you have completed the Heavensward 3.0 story.

As Goes Light, So Goes Darkness

Featured is the new 24-man raid "Void Ark" which looks to feature technology from the War of the Magi era (Mhachi to be exact). Which is nice to not all be about Allag.

Void Ark

Void Ark

Next, they talked about the new Exploratory Missions. This feature is dome through an alliance with your Free Company airship, and you’ll encounter other parties on the same island. Islands can be accessed through expeditionary airships from the Holy See of Ishgard, and they can be done solo or through fixed parties.

Exploratory Missions

Exploratory Missions

Thirdly a new RTS mini-game called “Lord of Verminion,” where you’ll use your minions to participate in battles. Players will get to use their own minions for battle, and can summon the same minion multiple times. The time limit is 10 minutes, and matches are won by destroying the other player’s “Arcana Stone” within time limit.

Lord of Verminion

Lastly we have a release schedule of the first 10 days in November so get gathering those minions!

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